4 Aug

harem pants seem to have this odd way about them. Upon glancing at the draping, and where the draping actually is…it may cause one to think, if harem is really a flattering pant?…..let these pictures decide for you! hear me. harem.


let them grow!

4 Aug

I was blessed with thick eyebrows, which when I was younger I thought was such a curse!  With a lot of tweezing, waxing, and threading, I was able to obtain a nice shape, and my unibrow is gone. So, I found it quite humorous when unruly, thick, strong eyebrows were now the “it” thing on the face. Make them dramatic or make them au’natural. In lieu of this new eyebrow ‘do’, I say let them grow! I am.

hurry before its too late: pastel highlights.

3 Aug

Okay, so the summer is not yet over, and I can’t help but put up a post of pastel highlights. its a great way to add a little “what is going on with your hair” but in a good way. I think its a fun way for these next two weeks to enjoy the rest of the summers vibe of free, fun, and spirited. ditch the feathers and go for pastels.

tribal doesn’t have to be trivial.

23 Jul


don’t be tardy for the leotard party.

16 Jul


tool around with tulle

16 Jul


14 Jul