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Delay….not dead.

1 Apr

Sorry for the delay….I am back with some amazing posts starting tomorrow! Stay tuned! But until then, follow me on twitter:


I’d love to talk fashion and share links to YOUR blogs!


Bar III and Factory Girl!

10 Jan

I can’t get enough of Factory Girl and her field trips! Take a look!



step up the fur with color!

7 Dec

cut it short with ankle boots.

6 Dec

I love ankle boots. Not every winter outfit needs a knee high….keep that in mind when you are going boot shopping. short and sweet sometimes is the way to go.

be a superhero in the fashion world: wear a cape!

4 Dec

I’m back!!!!! I’m back!!! :)

4 Dec

After a long hiatus, due to an insane schedule, I am back and ready to blog my little heart out. can’t wait to post some of my favorite trends for the fall/winter seasons!!

show off whats underneath.

19 Aug

I think that everyone should go out and buy some lingerie. It doesn’t have to imply anyone is going to see it, but do it for yourself. Having a pretty pair of underwear, a lacy bra, or just something sexy underneath that business suit, can up your confidence and make you feel like a million bucks.